*Ego is a prison, ego taming is freedom.

Ego is a prison, ego taming is freedom. Recognize the ego: the guilt, yes, that’s ego-based; the shame, ego-based; resentments; anger; impatience. Yes, impatience, that’s a big one, a big indicator of ego. Judgment, ego! Fear, that’s also a big one, it’s ego-based! Why fear? Because our true self, our soul-presence has nothing to fear. It is complete, it is the spark, the soul-energy and therefore all that is, and there’s no room for fear! Fear/Ego, begone! Guilt/Shame, begone! Command it and it will be so! Remember that it is you who is in charge! You’re the boss of you! No more guilt, shame, anger, impatience, judgment, resentment, revenge, arrogance, hatred, separation! No more fear! No more fear! Whew, that’s a big one! Get rid of it, kick it to the curb! Be free! Be you! Get out of jail! Free!


“It is as if you are locked up in a prison thinking that you have a lifetime’s sentence and not knowing that the next morning you will be set free from your prison.” ~Thea Grace Sirius.


Photography by Mary Bogdan.

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Please take only what resonates with your inner sense of knowing and correlates with your observations and experience – leave the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker. Live in accordance with your Divine Right as a Sovereign, FREE Being!


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